Electrical Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Session 2010

Course Books:

1. High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering (June 2011 Edition) IEEE by Ravindra & Wolfgang (click to download)

2. High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals (2nd Edition) by E.Kuffel, W.S.Zaengl, J.Kuffel (click to download)

Reference Books:

1. Advances in High Voltage Engineering (IET) Edited by A.Haddad & D.Warne (click to download)

2. High Voltage Engineering by C.L. Wadhwa (click to download)

3. High Voltage Engineering by M.S.Naidu (4th Edition) (click to download 2nd Edition)

Course Instructor:

Arsalan A Rahim
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Contact: arsalanarahim@gmail.com, arsalanarahim@uet.edu.pk

Total Course:

IEEE Press Book: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4
Kuffel Book: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4

Bonus Marks Section:

1. Anique Aslam        (5 Absolute Marks)  + (2 Absolute Marks)

Course Slides:

    Lecture 1: Basics of High Voltage

    Lecture 2: Electric Field Estimation (Maxwell Help File- click to download- Credit to Anique Aslam)
    Lecture 3: Electric Field for Different Shape Electrodes & Gaussian Surfaces
    Lecture 4: Electric Field Estimation for Multi-Dielectric Insulators and Resultant Permittivity
    Lecture 5: Gaseous Di-Electric Breakdown Phenomenon (Chapter 3)

Lab Experiments : Remaining     (click to download)

Lab Design Experiment ---------(click to download)  (NEW)

Additional Notes: Felici Generator, Van De Graff Generator

Syllabus for Final Exam:

12 Marks of Final Exam from     -    38 Marks of Final Exam from

Ch 2: Article 2.5 to 2.5.3
Ch 3: Article  3.1 to 3.5.1

Ch 6, 7:  All

Kuffel Book
Ch 2: All + Additional Notes

MS Naidu Book
Ch 6: All except Pages 186 to 189 (Including Numericals)

C.L.Wadhwa Book
Ch 3:  All Including Numericals at the end