Electric Machine Design
Electrical Engineering
UET Lahore
Session 2013





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Course by:
Arsalan A Rahim
Assistant Professor
EED, UET Lahore, Pakistan
arsalanarahim@gmail.com, arsalanarahim@uet.edu.pk






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Course Book

Principles of Electric Machine Design by R.K.Agarwal

Design of Rotating Electrical Machines by Juha Pyrhonen, Tapani Jokinen, Valeria Hrab
avocova    (click to download pdf)

Design of Transformers by Indrajit Dasgupta


Design of Electric Machines by V.N.Mittle and A.N. Mittle

Spotlight on Modern Transformer Design by Pavlos Georgilakis        (click to download pdf)

Week 1: Questions on Transformer, Rotating Machines

Week 2: Window Area, Windows Factor, Differences between Power & Distribution Transformer, Main Equation Derivation

100KVA Transformer Design                              (Conductor Tables - Download)

1- Winding and Et Calculations                          (click to download - Filled - Unfilled)
2- Core Calculations and Step Calculations   (click to download)
3 - Final Winding Details with Losses               (click to download)
4 - No Load Losses and %Z Calculations       (click to download) - W/kg chart - VA/kg chart
5 - Performance Parameters Calculations       (click to download)
6 - Tank Calculations                                             (click to download)

Winding Help File For AC Machines (click to download)