Electrical Machinery
Mechatronics and Control Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Session 2011

Course Book:

 Electric Machinery Fundamentals  (Fourth Edition) by Stephen J. Chapman (click for preview)

Course Instructor:

Arsalan A Rahim
Electrical Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Contact: arsalanarahim@gmail.com, arsalanarahim@uet.edu.pk

Total Course:(Tentatively) Chapter 4,5,7,8,9

Power Point Presentation :  (click to download)

DC Machine Pictures (Cross-Sectional and Open) : (click to download)

Java Applet for     Motor    Generator  (JVM Required) (click to download JVM)

Solution Quiz-1 : Front Side (Solution), Back Side (Solution-1), Back Side (Solution-II)

Solution Mid-Term: Numerical Q# 3 (Solution), Numerical Q#4 (Solution)

Lab Quiz - 1: Lab Quiz of 3-Phase Active and Reactive Power Measurement for Y or Delta Connected Loads
                         Material: B.L.Tharajah Chapter 19 -
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Lab Quiz-1: 17th December 2012


Lab Hardware Project: Submit Proposal for a Lab Project of your choice or any of the Below Topics by 2nd Dec

Details:          After Approval of your Suggested Project, You will be required to submit it Hardware by 1st Jan 2013 with a Report covering its working, construction and Principle. No Limitation of using a Micro-controller. You can use  Analog or Digital IC's for this purpose. Marks = 30% of your Lab Grade

Group Size: 4 Students

Areas Covered: H-Bridge Control of DC Motor , PWM Control of DC Motor, PAM Control of DC Motor, DC Motor Encoder, Stepper Motor Control, Servo Motor Control, DC Motor Model,  DC Motor Coupled with a DC Generator, DC Motor Position Control, DC Motor Speed Measurement

Important Notice: Assignment # 2 & Quiz-2 Marks Uploaded