Electrical Machinery Fundamentals (EE250)
Electrical Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Session 2017 (Section B & D)

Course Book:

Electric Machinery Fundamentals  (Fifth Edition) by Stephen J. Chapman (click for preview)

Course Instructor:

Arsalan A Rahim
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Contact: arsalanarahim@gmail.com(reply within 12 to 16hrs), arsalanarahim@uet.edu.pk

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Total Course:(Tentatively) Chapter 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9

Final Exam Marks + Grades Complete (click to view)

Machines Final Exam Solution (click to download)

Attendance (Section D, Section B)

Complex Engineering Problem (Download Link) Due Date: Final Exam Date 20th May 2019

Quizzes & Mid Marks (Section B, Section D)
(Edited Last:16th May 2019)

Quiz-5 Solution (click to download)

Quiz-4 Solution (Question-1, Question-2, Question-3)

Quiz-4 Syllabus (Chapter 8 (8.1 to 8.4), Chapter 2, Chapter 3 (3.1 to 3.3), Chapter 6 (6.1 to 6.4) Date :  22nd April 2019 12pm

Score 65 to 70% Marks --- 3+ to 4+ Mid Marks
Score 71 to 90% Marks --- 4.25+ to 6+ Mid Marks
Score 90%+ Marks --------- 10+ Mid Marks

Mid-Term Solution (Question1, Question2, Question3, Question4 and 5)

Assignment # 2 (click to download)
Due Date: 14th March 2019

Solution Quiz -1 Section B (Page-1, Page-2)
Solution Quiz -1 Section D (Page-1)
Solution Quiz -2 Section B & D (Page-1, Page-2, Page-3)
Solution Quiz -3 Section B & D

Lap Winding (click to download)

Wave Winding (click to download)

Assignment # 1: Magnetic Circuit Questions + Chapter 1 (Fitzgerald) 1.1 to 1.15 End Problem (Due Date:12th Feb)










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