Electrical Machinery
Electrical Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Session 2014





Final Lab Grades Uploaded on Web

Course Book:

 Electric Machinery Fundamentals  (Fifth Edition) by Stephen J. Chapman (click for preview)

 Electric Machinery, 6th Edition, A.E. Fitzgerald, McGraw-Hill International Edition (click to download)

Course Instructor:

Arsalan A Rahim (Section C, D)  & Dr Abdul Rehman Kashif (Section A,B)
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
UET Lahore
Contact: arsalanarahim@gmail.com, arsalanarahim@uet.edu.pk, twaseen786@gmail.com , abdulrahman@uet.edu.pk

Total Course:(Tentatively) Chapter 1 to 9

Lab Experiments: Total 12 to 14+ Experiments; 12 Groups Working

Lab Grading: Surprise Quizzes (30), Lab Evaluations (60) , Lab Copy (10)

1st Lecture - Slides (click to download)
                         Lab Equipment Pictures (click to view Photogallery) (Set 1 - Set 2 - Set 3) (click on each set to download)
                         Java Applet Sets (Require JVM) (click to download)

Measuring Unit Explained: (click to download)
Power Measuring Help file (B.L. Tharajah) (click to download)
3-Phase Y or Delta Load Help File (B.L.Tharajah) (click to download)

DC Lap Winding (click to download)
DC Wave Winding (click to download)