Lecture Slides


S.No Week # About Download
1 1st Lecture Introductory Lecture about High Voltage Engineering click to download
2 2nd Lecture Electric Field, Its Estimation, Types & Electrode Configurations click to download
3 3rd Lecture Mathematical Proofs of Different Electrodes  
4 4th Lecture  Effect of Multi-Dielectric Interfaces & Breakdown in Air and Gaseous Dielectric click to download
5 5th Lecture Electron Avalanche & its Effect on Uniform Fields + Streamer Breakdown click to download
6th Lecture  Townsends Secondary Ionization + Paschen's Law click to download
7 7th Lecture Positive & Negative Star Corona  
8 8th Lecture Positive & Negative Sreamer Corona  
9 9th Lecture  Stem, Leader Corona (Positive & Negative), Dart Leader, Effects of Partial Breakdown click to download
10 10th Lecture

Electric Arcs & its Characteristics,  

click to download
11 11th Lecture SF6 Gas, its Properties, Electron Affinity and Breakdown Characteristics click to download
12 12th Lecture

SF6 Gas -Breakdown Characteristics & Curvature Factor for Coaxial Gas Cables with Roughness & Particle Assisted Breakdown

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13 13th Lecture

Liquid Dielectric and its Types with Breakdown in Liquid Dielectrics

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14 14th Lecture Polar and Non Polar Compounds, Conductivity of Liquid, Dielectric Loss Tangent (tan δ)  
15 15th Lecture Electro-hydrodynamics (EHD), Intrinsic Breakdown, Effect of Moisture & Temperature click to download